How to Use 3DP Net Software for Offline Installation of Network Drivers ?

After Windows 8 and any other version has been installed, the most desired additions include the latest versions of cards, network, Bluetooth, graphics and sound readers plus other distinct drivers. However, after the installation of your choice Windows, it might not detect the internet card due to the absence of some appropriate software drivers.

Thus, connecting to the internet to install and download the right and ample network driver is next to impossible. While there are dozens of drivers and programs available free that can help you to automatically launch all the PC components and drivers, all require some connection to the internet. However, with 3DP Net, you will easily download and detect the best network driver you need in your PC, whether there is internet connection or not.

After running and installing 3DP Net, there are some things you need to remember:

1. It immediately searches on the PC the installed network adapter where it then installs all the desired drivers from the driver pool of its incorporated Ethernet card.

2. This happens since it has drivers for such cards as Compaq, Texas Instrument, Samsung, Agere, Conexant, Asus, D-Link and many others.

3. After installation of the driver, the user can always establish an internet connection and use the web browser of choice to download drivers such as graphics, sound and many others.

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