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Daredevil Heart Stopping Adrenaline Charged Photography

Daredevil Skywalker 8

If you thought daredevil stunts are limited to movies and the circus, you might want to think again once you have looked at the photography art of two photographers from the Russian federation. They are Alexander Remnov and Raskalov Vitaly who go beyond the norm all in capturing some incredible poses in impossible altitudes for amazing visuals. Apart from snapping ... Read More »

Managing Diabetes Easily Through the Use of a Smartphone

Diabetes Management System

If you have diabetes and you own a Smartphone, you could be in a better shape to manage it through a device known as Gluco. The Diabetes management tool makes the most of a very simple and easy functionality and connectivity of a Smartphone. Also, the modern design of the management device is very discrete, portable and minute. It can ... Read More »

Stuttgart University New Bionic Pavilion for Research

ICD ITKE Research Pavilion

Around 2011 in the warmer months of summer, the computational design institute together with ITKE (Institute Building Structures and Structural Design) including university of Stuttgart student came up with a unique bionic and temporal research pavilion. The model was wooden made and intersects both research and teaching. In the project, architectural transfer is explored in terms of biological tenets of ... Read More »

Startling Photorealistic Drawing by DiegoKoi

Pencil Drawing by Diego Koi

Looking at the complete image you will be tempted to have Photoshop in your mind until you have observed the artistic work in progress. It is the kind of artistic drawings that always astonishes art lovers as much as it is awe-inspiring. The photorealistic drawing gives one the impression of patience and a hand that can astound with masterpieces. The ... Read More »

Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum

The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum is the architectural work of Zaha Hadid Architects and its location is on Michigan State University northern edge on the East Lansing in the United States. It has been influenced by a number of movement sets of paths traversing and bordering the site. The energy and liveliness of life of the northern side ... Read More »

Gigantic Chalk Art by Kurt Wenner at Sarasota Chalk Festival

Massive Chalk Art

This year’s Florida’s Sarasota Chalk Festival had Kurt Wenner, a 3D chalk art inventor and famous for it, working on a gigantic street piece across the street with an entire team of artists. The theme of the festival this year was commemorating the historical Ringling Brothers Circus and its founding. After the “Circus City, USA” festival theme, Kurt Wenner’s huge ... Read More »

OFIS Architects’ Basket Apartments in Paris

basket apartments in paris

The project on Basket apartment in the heart of Paris was done by the OFIS architects and located on a narrow site, a long one at that, around Paris’ Parc La Vilette edge on the 19th district. It is an Urban Development carried out by architects who understand the nature of such a project. The project is within the range ... Read More »

Adorable Awesomeness of Chalk Art

Chalk Art

There are some unique pieces of drawings that seem to touch every human being in the right way after looking at them. The awesome chalk art pieces are simply adorable and everyone is in agreement. The creative and beautiful drawings are the amicable work of David Zinn, a chalk artist from America and a talented artist, no doubt. The whimsical ... Read More »