Adobe Reader 2012

Adobe Reader 2012

Adobe Reader has been in existence for over a decade and has gone through various evolutions during this time. One result of this is that it has been increasingly loaded with plug-ins and extensions which mean that it’s consistently criticized as being bloated and slow.

This is true to a certain extent although Adobe Reader is a PDF reader that still has much to offer. With the latest version of Adobe Reader, Adobe have addressed some of the speed issues and the memory footprint has been improved consistently throughout the development of Adobe Reader.

This version of Adobe Reader is not only slightly faster, but also displays a clearer, simpler interface that makes it easier to use. Adobe Reader still features the classic tools from previous versions (Zoom, Text selection, Snapshots and Read out loud), but now it also includes renewed features such as the ability to leave comments as sticky notes. A new feature you’ll find in Adobe Reader is the Share tool, with which you can easily share the document by email or via the Adobe SendNow service.

If you were worried about security issues in Adobe Reader, fear not: Adobe Reader is probably the safest version ever released, thanks to the new Protected Mode than loads images, code and 3D objects in a special area in memory, isolated from the system.

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