Amazing features of iPhone 5 you can’t Obstruct Yourself from Acquiring it

iPhone 5 is the most anticipated device for people who want to own it, even when the market has different gadgets like smart phones, tabs etc. as it has its own significance. IPhone was launched by Apple Company which became the most sought after gadget in the world. Apple Company has been launching the series of iPhones from the past 5 years. Maybe this September or October the anticipated gadget is going to be launched throughout the world.

IPhone 5 has its own specifications which distinguishes it from other gadgets. Apple Company has yet to announce the specifications of iPhone 5. Based on the reviews of the rumors and the leaked news, here are the few irresistible features of the iPhone 5,

Network capability:

The most foreseen gadget has the capability of all the wireless networks of 2G, 3G and 4G. It will be more helpful in transferring the data quickly.


The display screen of iPhone is 4 inches which has LED-taillight with 16M colors and is bigger when compared to other series. The display has the ability of multi trace.

Internal memory:

The memory storing size of iPhone is 16/32/64 GB and have 1GB RAM.


The CPU/processor’s processing capacity is quad-core 1.2 Giga hertz.

Near Field Communication-NFC:

NFC is the range between the two distinct smartphones which connect for sharing data. The NFC range is very short in iPhone 5 that helps to share the files like images, music, and videos etc. to other phones which is connected to it easily.


The camera is 12 mega pixel with auto focus and LED flash with which we can take wonderful pictures. Video calling can be done through Wi-Fi.

Some other attractive features in the gadget are internal operating system 6, good messaging ability for sending SMS, MMS, EMAIL etc., NANOSIM card support, Facebook and Twitter assimilations, audio video players, best battery backup and applications like image editor, iMap, iBook etc.

With such features iPhone 5 has attracted all generations and age groups. . Pre-ordering can also be done through online to own it as soon as it is released. The company has great expectations on iPhone 5 and is anticipating recovering the first position in the market

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