Top Indications that your website need a good designer

Web redesign

Web redesign is a big thing at the moment. Thanks to the multiplicity of devices on which people view websites, a lot of old code or simply old ways of building sites have become redundant. Web designer jobs proliferate as people in need of a reboot come to the pros looking for help. Here are the top signs that your ... Read More »

Top Plugins Will Improve Your WordPress Seo & Rank

Wordpress Seo

Here is A list for WordPress Seo Plugins That Will Increase Your websites Ranking . 1- WordPress SEO by Yoast Widely regarded as the SEO plugin for WordPress. It has an extensive feature set and rave reviews. Give it a whirl, there are alternatives though. Includes XML sitemap features. Download 2- SEO Ultimate Another extensive feature set – this one ... Read More »

Mobile Apps For Remote Tracking Of Your Kids

kids mobile tracking

The emerging threats for kids, both in the society as well as the cyber world makes it prudent on the part of the parents to protect their kids by some kind of monitoring. The mobile monitoring apps come as a blessing. By installing such apps on your kids mobile, you can spy on their activities and protect them if they ... Read More »

Can Cartoon Games Be Played on iPhones or Computers ?

Cartoon Games

Two things to consider here: the size of the screen and whether you are paying money for your game or not. For example, some cartoon games are developed as Apps, which are often chargeable; so you will be playing for a fee. That said, it’s often the case that the first level of the App, or some kind of taster ... Read More »

HTTP Error 500 Internal server error Reasons & Solutions

500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error is A generic error message, given when no more specific message is suitable. Reasons & Solutions : 1- Security System (mod_security)  mod_security is a security system that runs on the webserver to detect common hacker activity and trip them up if they try to do something rogue. It looks for patterns of commonly-used hacker scripts and ... Read More »

Is Tethering Worth the Hassle ?


Tethering has been around for years. The process allows a smartphone to share its data connection with other devices, including laptops, tablets and even other smartphones. Despite having existed for years, it’s really only begun to gain popularity over the last half decade. Part of this has been caused by advances in technology that allow for wireless tethering, while part ... Read More »

Monitor Your Internet Connection Speed on Windows

Internet Connection Speed

Want to check your internet connection speed? Do you get the speed what you’re paid for? Is your ISP lying to you? The answer to the entire question is to monitor your internet speed on a regular basis to check your download and upload speed. Most of the time, people are not getting what they paid for, so it is ... Read More »

Disable Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline

The timeline service is one of facilities recently launched by Facebook that helps the user to change, design the profile outlook in an attractive style. Most of the users prefer old profile interface, which they tend to disable their Facebook timeline. Old profile interface page is easy to use with no complicated features. Moreover, it gets loaded in a fast ... Read More »

Ways To Create Fresh Innovative Ideas

Innovative Ideas

Creating fresh innovative ideas is indeed an easier task. Any creative idea can positively promote your business success online. You can either spend time creating ideas on your own or acquire them from varied sources like. Take an advice Experienced people always have additional knowledge, experience and skills to provide you with newer and greater ways to create fresh innovative ... Read More »