Can Cartoon Games Be Played on iPhones or Computers ?

Two things to consider here: the size of the screen and whether you are paying money for your game or not. For example, some cartoon games are developed as Apps, which are often chargeable; so you will be playing for a fee.

That said, it’s often the case that the first level of the App, or some kind of taster (for instance the ability to use a character for free, in a game when you will ultimately want to be using several characters), is not charged. You get an idea of how the App works then you buy the add ons for it from your App store.

There are limited cartoon games to enjoy from App stores – possibly because so many others are played for free when you stream straight from the host site. While you’ll currently only find a few Apps with affiliations to specific cartoons (and in these cases, those few Apps are spread between even fewer cartoon titles), there are hundreds of free streaming games based on popular characters or cartoon universes.

So when you think about playing either on an iPhone or a computer, you’re thinking about screen size; about compatibility of controls; and about what you want to get from your gaming experience.

Most free cartoon games are developed on a simple game play model – usually a platform or a variant on the old Space Invaders style of shoot em up (which, interestingly enough, Tetris was too). As such they don’t need a massive amount of processing power in order to deliver the scrolling or gameplay memory needed.

This means you get equally good gameplay on the little mobile screen as you do on the larger computer screen. Plus, with simple environments and usually no three dimensional depth to them (so most games are left to right scrollers) you won’t need to use the larger screen in order to see stuff that isn’t so apparent on a smaller screen.

So from a visibility and smoothness of play point of view, cartoon games are just as effective on the mobile screen as they are on the screen of your computer. Which leaves you with one more factor to consider – and that would be the difference between the experience of playing a game on a computer and on a mobile phone.

In general terms, playing a game on a mobile phone the player expects a simple experience – repetitive levels, where possibly the only difference is that the levels get faster, or more villains are involved. Because when you play on a mobile you tend to be passing time – on a bus or train journey for example. In other words you are looking for a specific diversion rather than an all-encompassing, engrossing gaming experience.

When you play a game on a computer, you tend to be settling in for an afternoon of full on gaming entertainment. So you might be looking for a more involving or complicated game – in which case cartoon games might actually be better to play on a phone.


About author :

Lisa is known to be a copywriter. However, during her leisure times, she loves to play cartoon games either on her computer or mobile phone.