How to use Coffee Portable to Keep PC Awake during Downloads and Network Transfers ?

Probably you have experienced a situation where you could have left a laptop downloading only to find the Windows laptop has gone to slumber and all the downloads have been ruined and the process has too begin again. The problem is that all downloads do not really sustain download managers. This is where the Coffee Portable app comes in.
The developer of the Coffee Portable expresses that:

– it was built as a very easy to use kind of tool yet small created to help the computer remain awake as downloading takes place or until the transfer of a network has been completed.

-The app also prevents standby from taking place at the time when traffic speed within a network adapter goes beyond the configurable threshold of the user.

-It also has a very easy and simple to understand UI.

-After downloading ‘coffee’, three unique applications are arrived at, namely Milk, Sugar and ultimately Coffee.

-With the Milk application, Sleep Blockers are checked easily meaning any type of application preventing the system from entering the ‘Sleep’ mode.

-Apart from other features that affect the downloading process by stopping it or abnormally terminating it, Sugar helps the application to continue loading with the Windows Startup.

Download Coffee Portable

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