Digimon Masters Online

Digimon Masters Online

developer: Wemade Entertainment
genre: MMO / cRPG
platform: PC / Windows
release date: World: 05 January 2011
play modes: massive online multiplayer
multiplayer: Internet
age requirements: everyone
suggested system requirements: not specified

  • Jacob

    Please state your source for the January 5th release date.

  • Joshua

    How do you get this

  • Justin

    Can you please either tell me how to download the english version, when it comes out, or stopd being a fucking idiot and thinking you know about the game and claim you do when your not even giving any fucking information

  • Shub Niggurath

    There isn't any way to download this. The only download link under the information tried to make me download somebody's translation software, which doesn't do anything to let me play Digimon Masters Online. I already have what I need to play the version that's REALLY out, I just cannot find where to download the client!!!

  • http://digimonmastersonline asdfg123

    please sate yuresource momen