Download Cheat Engine 2010 free (CE) 5.6

Download Cheat Engine 2010 free (CE) 5.6

While many games have built in cheats, like codes and shortcuts that allow you to easily beat the game, there are exceptions. Cheat Engine is for those times.

From invincibility to limitless weaponry and beyond, there’s a lot that can help the stuck gamer. However, not all games include cheats, and not all games include the cheats you want. Cheat Engine is an application that allows you to create your own cheats, but be warned it is very much for the patient and technologically advanced user!

On opening Cheat Engine you will be presented with an interface that will mean very little to anyone except programmers and hackers. The developer has included a step by step tutorial, which runs with the program, however, it is still far from a simple process. You will need lots of knowledge, or the patience to research online to learn about code to decipher Cheat Engine.

For people able to use it, Cheat Engine is a neat tool from which to alter values in a game’s code to create cheats. On the developer’s home page there are cheat sheets ready to use with lots of games, that have been submitted by other users.

Fro the hardcore cheater, this free Cheat Engine may be an invaluable tool, but most people will probably beat games faster by simply practicing more!

Download Cheat Engine 2010 free (CE) 5.6

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