Download Hitman 5

Download Hitman 5

Hitman 5 is an upcoming game in the Hitman series and is being developed by IO Interactive.Agent 47 will return as the protagonist. The game will be released around Christmas 2011 “at the earliest”.

This is slightly old news, but we’ve got a big Hitman community here, and it came up in another post, so I thought I’d make it official.

Hitman 5 is definitely in production at IO Interactive, the developer of the first four (increasingly brilliant) games.

The news came about via page 17 of an Eidos report, published last year. Hitman is one of Eidos’ biggest brands, so the continuation of the series felt like a given, but it’s nice to have the official tip all the same.

Three of the key founders of IO split off from the developer in recent weeks, so let’s hope that the creative and independent spirit of the company can live on, and that Hitman continues to grow, rather than succumbing to the stagnant annual release format adopted by many other popular series.

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