Download JetAudio 2011

Download JetAudio 2011

JetAudio is a solid, feature-rich media player that works with many popular video and audio formats and includes interesting extra functionality.

The choice of media players sometimes seems to be limited to three or four popular apps, but the truth is that there are bunches of players out there that may not be as famous but are really worth a try. One of these apps is JetAudio, which even in its basic, most simple version offers loads of nice tools to enjoy your collection of music and videos.

JetAudio features a nicely designed interface with support for skins and visualizations – though not as many as Winamp. You can also run JetAudio as an extra bar that sits on the Windows taskbar and control its main functions from there without interrupting your work.

The main purpose of JetAudio is obviously playing audio and video files. The program includes elements with which you can improve playback and make it more enjoyable, such as sound effects, cross-fading between songs and support for lyrics.

But that’s not all. JetAudio also features a bunch of extra tools that enable you to rip CDs, record sound, convert music files from one format to another, listen to online radio stations and burn your favorite MP3 to CD.

JetAudio is a complete, handy media player for anyone that would like to do more than just play audio and video files.

Download JetAudio 2011

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