Elegant and Unique Coffee Faucet

If you love coffee, probably the preparation process always takes a toll on you. It might be what denies you a hot cup of the stimulant every time you need it. However, with the newly unveiled coffee Faucet, you now have a unique and superb way of brewing a cup of your delicious coffee in less than 15 seconds.

The appliance looks much like your normal contemporary kitchen faucet. Brewing a cup of coffee is something that you will be doing easily now since all drinks through the faucets are brewed to the high standards of a barista. The Scanomat TopBrewer machine is a fully automated coffee make that you could control with an iPhone or even an iPad.

Via [ That’s Like Whoa ]

  • swagv

    I love coffee enough to know that a 15-second extraction time is a recipe for crap coffee.