House in the Form of Big Box in Kanagawa

House kn

Looking at the house in the heart of Miura, Kanagawa in Japan you a feeling that you are looking at a huge box made into a house or a huge architectural masterpiece that has been fashioned into a house but resembles a box. Whatever way you look at it, the architectural work of Kochi Architect Studio is a unique fresh ... Read More »

An Office in a Big LEGO Setup

LEGO Office

It is only in our dreams that most of us wonder what it would be waking up each morning to rush to work in peace with everything being thematic LEGO in terms of touch, right from a slide to ample lighting, toys and a lot of free and creatively done games and rest areas way too unique. This is the ... Read More »

House Shaped in the Form of an Origami Able to Self Configure

Origami House

After These Posts 3D Origami, Origami Fashion and Origami Glow Two architectural designers based in UK have come up with an experimental house conceptualized innovatively in the shape of an origami. The structure reconfigures easily into eight distinct forms. It is a creative artistic project and ambitious at the same time seeking to construct a place to live that adapts ... Read More »

Overwhelming and Scenic Villa SSK by the Ocean

Villa SSK

The project is located in the heart of Chiba, Japan, with the work of design left to Takeshi Hirobe Architects. Tokyo Bay is also around the adjacent project with very tranquil and calm water and the ocean around will overwhelm you. As the ocean becomes common, you will comprehend the subtle details that the surroundings provide, for instance sun’s movement, ... Read More »

A Stone House in the Shape of the Torus

Stone House

The stone house shaped in the form of the torus is the work of architects known as Vo Trong Nghia, located in the Vietnamese province of Qang Ninh in Dong Trieu on a tranquil residential quarter. The roof is rising and green with walls made of hues subdued while the dark blue colored stones come up with landscapes that stand ... Read More »

A Sleek and Awesome Norwegian Library for Modern Reading

Vennesla Library & Cultural Center

If you have been to a modern library, probably you thought you were in the coolest of them and a comfortable place to enter the written writ dimension. However, there is a modern Norwegian library that has been made in one of the most awesome and sleekest of designs and furnishings and makes anyone want to be in it. The ... Read More »

DROP Suite- Unique Choice of a Vacation Where You Want

Drop Eco-Hotel by IN-TENTA

Rather than be dictated where to take your family, sweetheart or yourself for a vacation by hotels and specific destination planners, you can decide today where you want to go. This is something that, DROP, newest trend in the micoarchitecture and a mobile suite gives you. It can be placed wherever a person wants as far as the location permits. ... Read More »

Stuttgart University New Bionic Pavilion for Research

ICD ITKE Research Pavilion

Around 2011 in the warmer months of summer, the computational design institute together with ITKE (Institute Building Structures and Structural Design) including university of Stuttgart student came up with a unique bionic and temporal research pavilion. The model was wooden made and intersects both research and teaching. In the project, architectural transfer is explored in terms of biological tenets of ... Read More »

Transforming a Loft with Divine Uniqueness

God Loftstory

Leijh Kappelhoff Seckel van den Dobbelsteen architecten architects who are located in the area of Veldhoven, The Netherlands, have transformed into a unique loft former Haarlo Dutch Reformed Evangelism Building that goes back to 1928. The transformation began from the façade, clock bell tower iconic location, volume, well constructed roof, arch windows, stained glass and old panel doors. The entire ... Read More »

The Pedestrian Bridge by the HHD FUN Architects

Pedestrian Bridge

The HHD_FUN Architects are credited with coming up with the Pedestrian Bridge in the heart of Rizhao, China, southern area of the Shanhaitian beach park around 2 kilometers in length. It has a main feature notably the half century black pine forest and the design was challenged to bring the construction into a level where it would have minimum effect ... Read More »