Making Cubes from Pennies in Their Thousands

Sculptural Cube Made from Pennies

If you thought much about pennies, most likely nothing about creating a piece of art will hit your head. However, this is not what Robert Wechsler, an artist from the United States would do; he has come up with a sculpture in a cubic form created from tens of thousands of pennies, where the largest of the cubes he has ... Read More »

A Books Waterfall Creates Hollow Tube Suspended in Time

Paper Biennial Book Sculpture

If you thought books were only good to read and a sleeping pill, then you will find the waterfall created from a massive number of books a wonderful piece of work. It is the work of Alicia Martin, an artist from the heart of Spain who has come up with an amazing and unique sculpture whose main material is recycled ... Read More »

Sandcastles in Showcased Geometry from Clavin Seibert

Geometric Sandcastles

There might be so many beaches today and revelers who love being in the sand, basking in the coastal sun and spending minutes of their vacation enjoying the sea scenery and engaging in sand games. However, there are different people who are always looking for better ways of expressing their art, even if it includes use of sand. Calvin Seibert ... Read More »

Papers Sculptures into Amazing 3D Origami

3D Origami by Jun Mitani

Looking at the awesome 3D Paper Sculptures you get the idea you are staring at creativity at work. They are not only sleek, innovative, amazing and definitely something to own but also the beauty of paper sculptures from the hand of a talented artist from Japan, Jun Mitani. It is the kind you would love to get down and come ... Read More »

Eye-catching and Creative Fruit Packaging for Kids

Fruit Figures

Looking at the eye-catching and creative packaging of fruits you cannot help thinking about devouring at least one, if not all. The Fruit Figures is a unique packaging that seeks to encourage kids to consume healthy food items. It is a very clever packaging done by the hands of Scholz and Friends, commissioned by an organic supermarket chain in German ... Read More »

Startling Photorealistic Drawing by DiegoKoi

Pencil Drawing by Diego Koi

Looking at the complete image you will be tempted to have Photoshop in your mind until you have observed the artistic work in progress. It is the kind of artistic drawings that always astonishes art lovers as much as it is awe-inspiring. The photorealistic drawing gives one the impression of patience and a hand that can astound with masterpieces. The ... Read More »

Five Crows on a Weird Tree in Cool 75,000 Crayons

Crazy Cool Tree

Herb Williams is a crayon artist grand master and has a knack of displaying some awesome and novel installations of new sculpture. The “Call of the Wild” is the newest exhibition from Herb and as it opens in Nashville, Tennessee; it is easy to come across the 75,000 or so crayon sculpture that is also made up of five crows ... Read More »

Refreshing Sculptures from Packing Tape

Storker Project

If you love mischievous sense of humor then you will love the sculptures made from packing tape and the different types of installations that have been spread around in terms of varieties of objects created. They have been added to the surroundings creatively and even creating some humor along the way. The unique types of tape sculptures are the work ... Read More »