Award Winning Mercedes Concept Alteration with a Difference

Concept Vehicle

The project by a designer known as Oliver Elst is an award winner that makes the most of thematic reduction on Mercedes concept’s structure and aesthetics coming up with a process that creates a wholly novel lightweight and new material technology. It is one of those designs that get the blood of any car enthusiastic to heat up fast due ... Read More »

Blender Shaped in Raw Diamond Form

Cullinan Diamond Blender

Obviously, we all know the lady’s best friend and most expensive jewelry is anything that is diamond or made from it. To appeal to this unique side of feminine humans, a blender known as the Cullinan Diamond stands way too clear from any kind of negative criticism from those who know their diamonds. The consistency and vorticity was improved by ... Read More »

Creative Ways of Turning Violence into a Paragon of Peace

Armed Notebook Revolver

The shady nunchucks, the famous revolver and the place of a grenade in modern times have been instruments of mayhem, destruction and lucid violence. It is impossible to fathom such instruments of urban mayhem as vehicles of peace. Designer Yiweishen believes they can and in a manner that is synonymous to sword being inferior to the pen, he came up ... Read More »

Ample Creative Benches will all Peoples Catered For

Social Bench

Looking at the benches one sees a lot of creativity at work, something that works out rather well for those interested in sitting at a bench with a difference. The benches are creative as they are unusual and have been designed through innovative work of Jeppe Hein, an artist from Denmark. The conversation is termed as “Modified Social Benches”, awesome ... Read More »

Useful Staples to Stitch Buttons with Ease

Button Stapler

With the Button Stapler you have a lovely yet simple way of having buttons stitched on a shirt or a cloth material. People usually are left to mend buttons after they have worn their shirt but later they find another button missing or has been broken. It is a sad thing if it happens to your favorite shirt and you ... Read More »

Kitchen Appliance Bloom the Flower Power

Bloom - Cooking Appliance by Aakanksha Rajhans

Looking at Bloom you might be led to think about something that it really is not. It definitely not what many might conjure at the face value and it should not deceive anyone courtesy of its aesthetic floral that happens to be so soft. Looking at the design chops made of different multifunction; Bloom cleans and heats up itself with ... Read More »

Fine Metal Band Division of the Display

M-Phone Concept by Su Meixian

M-Phone comes with an original concept on the line of display and it is expected to make the iPhone 5 sweat as a competitor. Nonetheless, it comes with a fine type of metal band creating a division of the display in two. Depending on the way you are using it, the band is able to either slide down or up ... Read More »

Futuristic Fila X Nooka Courtesy of Matthew Waldman

FILA X NOOKA by Matthew Waldman

Matthew Waldman has been working on a big thing in his latest work that he has been collaborating with Fila to come up with capsule footwear kind of collection that will bring a smile on many futurists. Matt always has an eye into the future and somehow believes the human being’s ample physical metaphor has to be the feet. This ... Read More »

Stunning Private Fight by Samir Sadikhov

Dassault Falcon - Jet by Samir Sadikhov

The supersonic fighter kind of aircraft, the Dassault Falcon S by a designer known as Samir Sadikhov blends the uniqueness of an executive jet in a way that combines the long range type of transatlantic speed and capability to the cozy nature of a higher altitude kind of aircraft with a vast body. It is a fighter aircraft with flawless ... Read More »

Smartphone Underwater WaterDrip

Shield-Vitamin Smartphone Waterproof Case by Joongho Choi

There is so much literature online on why people should refrain from covering their Smartphones using cases for a number of reasons. Such people might not have looked at the pain that follows one in-case of drops and other accidental spills. The same types of people obviously have not looked at the Vitamin Shield type of case that is rather ... Read More »