If Company Logos Do Not Beat About the Bush


The modern promotion of business, products and services is too clogged with sales messages that seek to compel you to make a sale as fast as possible, creating the notion the commodity is running out and you need to buy it before it has run out. While it is true the sales pitch has worked before, if company logos were ... Read More »

A Century Old Perfect Imitator of Bird Sound

120-Year-Old Mechanical Device

If you heard the bird sound with your eyes closed, you will identify the bird in case ornithology is your mainstay. However, the make of the sound is a piece of archaic engineering that was made in the 19th century and perfectly imitates the random sound or song or chatter of a bird. The mechanism gives sound in a rather ... Read More »

A Bridge Made of Balloons

Balloon Bridge

Some architectural forms made by men are mostly created to fill a specific a gap in our daily lives but in this case this might not be so. The unique bridge is the design work of Olivier Grossetete, a French artist who has created a bridge made of three balloons filled with helium. The Bridge has been given the title ... Read More »

An Enchanting Journey of a Miniature Train Across Canada

Miniature Train

Looking at the miniature train it is very easy to be carried away by the intention of the camera work and angle; a standard train cruising the jungles and heartland of Canada. However, the train is carried by the photographer as compared to it carrying the artist. The photography ingenuity is the work of Jeff Friesen who decided to move ... Read More »

Tree Floating Modern Spherical Tent

Cocoon Tree Tent

If you thought animals nestling on trees are a great choice, then the Cocoon Tree Tent offers the alternative you are seeking as compared to the camping setup many are used to or even the idea of boring discomfited hammocks one must be accustomed to. In the hanging tent the structure of the sphere is aluminum, with a resistant tarpaulin ... Read More »

Japanese Stunning Light Tunnels

Spectacular Tunnel of Lights

Those in Japan by March 31 of 2013 will enjoy seeing the stunning installations of light at the Nabana no Sato termed as the Winter Illuminations, a theme park turned on with light and a botanical garden in Kuwana in Nagashima Island. It’s a unique light show dubbed the best in the heart of Japan. There are LED lights sparkling ... Read More »

Light Transformation for the Guggenheim by 2013

Light Transformation

James Turrell, a household name in the world of artists, will soon be presenting three different but concurrent types of solo exhibitions in the heart of New York’s Guggenheim Museum, Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Art in LA in Summer/Spring of 2013. There has been some preview that the ambitious display of the Guggenheim exhibition comes up ... Read More »

Weird but Creative Hairstyles

Gecko Lizard Hairstyle

Looking at the hairstyle you will be excited if you are planning on celebrating Halloween or if you enjoy weird uniqueness. It is the kind of hairstyle you expect a person to materialize in on a Halloween or weirdo party and the whole congregation will be amused and delighted. The eye-catching innovative hairstyles are artistic in their own right and ... Read More »

Trampoline Bridge-A Bounce to the Other Side

Bridge in Paris

There are so many ways of crossing a river, mostly through a normal bridge, ferry or simply swimming across. However, very few if any bridge has been erected for one to bounce his or her way to the other side. This is the concept the inflatable bridge has brought to the fore, a design by AZC and has large trampolines ... Read More »