Timely Tire Spikes for the Bike in Time for Snow

bike spikes

If you have never seen an important invention that cuts across the world, mostly in Europe, the United States and other parts of Asia, then you only need to have snow in mind to know how effective this design is. Bicycle tire spikes are very important for anybody who is always on a bike during the winter period or on ... Read More »

Managing Diabetes Easily Through the Use of a Smartphone

Diabetes Management System

If you have diabetes and you own a Smartphone, you could be in a better shape to manage it through a device known as Gluco. The Diabetes management tool makes the most of a very simple and easy functionality and connectivity of a Smartphone. Also, the modern design of the management device is very discrete, portable and minute. It can ... Read More »

Innovative Music Enjoyment through Speakers in Sneakers

Sneaker Speaker

Those who grew up a decade or two ago understand the idea of a blasting stereo on the street spitting the best rhymes carried on a shoulder. The same idea has been brought into a new technology that redefines music sharing and makes it even easier. Sneakers now hold speaker sets in a stylish and trendy urban wear as designed ... Read More »

Google Select Android Versions By Alphabetical order

Google Android Evolution

After Manu Cornet, a Google employee announced the next name for Android will be Key Lime Pie at his Google+ account last week . We Ensured that all names are selected by Alphabetical order . Cupcake , Donut , Eclair , Froyo , Gingerbread , Honeycomb , Ice Cream Sandwich , Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie . C D ... Read More »

Adrenaline Charging Taxi to the Future

DeLorean Taxi

If you have never seen the future of the Taxi in the present world, you had better look at one reminding people of a time machine and a fast cruise through time. The taxi is very eye catching and adrenaline-charging piece of machine that seems like it can give you a ride into the future including other distinct destinations. The ... Read More »

Bicycle Security through Channeled Green Lantern

Light-lock by Hsu Wei-Che

The Bluetooth technology is brought into life with a bike lock of its own uniqueness. The lock is specifically made for those parking for a short time where the lock attaches itself to bike spokes in case you are heading into a supermarket, convenience store or any other short trip you might be engaged. It notifies one of movement through ... Read More »

Blended Time on Citroen

DS Watch by Nicolas Diacre

The trend follows the success of timepieces inspired by automotives where the DS type of watch has adopted the contemporary design language that define the hatchback concept accented with luxury, of Citroen, the DS N9. You will discover the remarkable attention given to every detail with the watch having features of a dramatic silhouette similar to the forward-pointing, elegant double ... Read More »

A Sled that Performs Exceptionally Well

Stealth-X Carbon Fiber Snow Sled

Winter has already made its entry and people who are already fed up with the sun are ready to play in and with snow. While there are many ways of making the most of the snow for fun, those who will lay their hands on the Stealth-X, an exceptionally awesome snow sled will definitely have more fun. 4DESIGN for Snolosleds ... Read More »

Clip Mouse You Need Not Carry Around

Clip Mouse by Frank Guo

Tablets might be the way forward for many people but a huge chunk of the population is highly relying on laptops for the sake of displays and meeting presentations. Frank Guo is a designer who has tried to muse at the idea of making the most of a laptop mouse that might be really cumbersome. Towards giving a solution, Guo ... Read More »