How to Use Givit Apps and Skitch in Windows 8 Metro ?

If you are a Windows user and also an owner of Android or iPad, you might be conversant with the Sktich app. The sketch app is the work of Evernote developers and allows a person to share sketches, edit and create them whether on email or Twitter. Skitch app has been launched by Evernote Corporation and it is ideal for Windows 8 Metro.

App Helps in the following:

1. Skitch apps help you to take a photo with your webcam but come into the picture when you want to adds text, arrows and other shapes to the created image.

2. The app also helps one to draw new things or perhaps edit a picture already there, or imported from hard drive or SkyDrive.

Givit is also found in Windows Store and also a very fantastic app allowing you to easily record some video and equally share with family and friends easily in a secure and private way. The best part is however those videos impossible to send via email can be sent through the app.

Do not forget you need to login either by creating an account or use your existing Facebook account with Givit. After login, find ‘Record a video’ to start the process via your webcam. Options of uploading will be obvious after you are done and save the video to your hard drive. Right click on the saved video to share with friends or family.