Google Chrome 10.0.648.134

Google Chrome 10.0.648.134

Google Chrome has managed to evolve a lot in its most recent versions, while keeping the same minimalist design we all have grown to love. It definitely deserves its position as a web browser to reckon with.

Google Chrome 10 is the latest addition to Google Chrome’s stable channel. Besides the features we already knew from previous versions, such as the download manager, incognito browsing mode and bookmark syncing, the browser has other great new functions based on user feedback.

To begin with, this new version is the fastest Google Chrome to date, thanks to a 66% improvement in JavaScript performance. Even the most complex web apps are now smoother and more responsive than ever. Plus, Chrome’s new settings interface makes browser set up and customization a lot easier.

Chrome’s sandboxing technology has been extended to the built-in Flash Player, thus increasing your safety while browsing the web. Also, Chrome now lets you sync passwords across computers – a great feature for those of you who are constantly switching between different computers.

Google Chrome maintains the same impressive usability and ease of use. With zero learning curve, you immediately feel in your element and there’s no need to start testing new shortcuts or reading the documentation. So if you’re considering making the switch from old favorites like Firefox or Internet Explorer, Google Chrome is definitely an excellent choice for a new web browser.

Google Chrome, Google’s browser, mixes a clean, minimalist interface with a variety of powerful tools that make it a great browser.

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