How to Do Windows 8 Searches ?

In case you are in use of Windows 8 already, probably you have realized the reality of its well organized and extremely styled Metro Screen. In the former Windows 7, the start menu was generally displaying some shortcut icons on the Windows Desktop but has now been effectively replaced a good allay of displayed custom tiles spread upon your Start Screen. On the other hand, just like the former shortcut icons in Windows 7, they are now providing quick access and shortcuts to most applications, although in a new way.

To search within Windows:
1. Press Winkey while you are still at the Start Screen or from anywhere, simply follow WinkKey+Q and instantly begin to find Apps.Look at Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8

2. To begin searching for files, simply press Win+F followed by immediate typing.

3. Begin typing immediately after pressing Win+W if you want to search in the Control Panel, Settings and Metro settings.

Through the approach, a user is able to focus on a specific tasks of search such as app launches, video searches or even web lookup without outcomes from other types of apps affecting the search or having the performance degraded. After mastering Windows 8 searches in such a way, it will deliver a consistent and quite powerful search experience.