How to Use Facebook Places on iPhone

How to Use Facebook Places

Tired of texting or calling to tell people where you are? With Facebook Places, you can check in and share your location with your friends instantly.

You Will Need
Facebook for iPhone app
Mobile device that supports HTML 5 and geo-location (optional)

Step 1: Download the app
Download the Facebook app to your iPhone and launch it. Once it loads, tap the keypad icon in the top left toolbar; then, tap the Places icon.

Don’t have an iPhone? You can access Facebook Places with any mobile device that supports geo-location and HTML 5 — sign in to and tap Places in the Home toolbar.

Step 2: Open places
Tap the Check In icon to bring up a list of nearby places, which loads automatically based on your location. Don’t see your venue? Type the name into Search. If you still can’t find it, tap the plus sign on the app or the Add icon on the mobile site to input a name and description for your location.

Step 3: Check our your Place
Tap your location’s listing to bring up its Places page, which comes with a map, info on the location, and a list of friends who have also checked in there recently. Type in what you’re doing at that location; if you’re with a Facebook friend, tap Tag Friends With You to announce that you’re there together.

Step 4: Confirm your location
Tap Check In to confirm your location — your check-in will appear in that place’s list of recent activity and your friends’ News Feeds.

To modify who can see your location and who can check you in, log on to Facebook from a computer and change your privacy settings.

Step 5: Change the settings
Break out Facebook Places whenever you’re on the move and tell the world all about your busy life.

As of August 2010, Facebook Places could only be used in the United States