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How to Use TTC/LE Windows Command Prompt Free Replacement ?

TCC LE Windows CMD Replacement Shell

TCC/LE is generally well designed, free and very powerful software that completely replaces the Windows Command Prompt utility. The software is generally a Command prompt although it has some additional features and utilities a person would seek in other conventional Command Prompts. The tool is simple and easy to use for just anyone. You only need to type a command ... Read More »

How to Use the Windows 8 Metro App ?

In matters to do with free web meetings and services dealing with screen sharing, there are so many wonderful services that Windows users can choose from. One of the best free type of meeting and screen sharing service available is Those who have never heard of are better of knowing that this is lightweight, simple and fast software ... Read More »

How to Enable Aero Peek Feature in Windows 8 ?

Windows 8

By default, the Aero Peek feature in Windows 8 is disabled. In Windows 8, moving the cursor towards the screen’s lower or upper right corner launches Charms Bar, which gives the chance to easily search, start, share and other things. A huge number of upgraded users into Windows 8 from Windows 7 can use the Aero Peek for an instant ... Read More »

How to Fix a Missing Drive in Windows Explorer ?

Windows Explorer drive missing

Users using notebooks or PCs powered by Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP might have realized that some drivers could be missing from the Explorer for Windows. The issue might not be specific to Windows 8 but is also there in other versions of Windows, mostly occurring after resuming a PC from sleep or hibernation. If you experience ... Read More »

How to Make Windows 8 Boot Faster with Fast Startup ?

Windows 8

The novel Fast Startup type is a mix between the resumption of hibernate option and the traditional cold boot. Windows 8 has the kernel session hibernated and not closed. However, the difference is that as compared to full hibernate data, with a very large file size, the 0 Hibernation or Kernel only form of file is not big but quite ... Read More »

How to Launch in Windows 8 Microsoft Security Essentials ?

Microsoft Security Essentials windows 8

As much as launching Third-party software for security purposes such as Avast and Kaspersky Antivirus can be done without any issue, installing MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) is not possible. After installation of a third-party type of software, what the Windows Defender does is obstruct the launch of MSE by giving an error.   Windows 8 enthusiasts and users who believe ... Read More »

How to Deactivate or Activate Windows 8 Picture Password Sign-In ?

Picture Password Or PIN In Windows 8

(a). Use of Registry Editor in deactivation of Pic Password Sign-in Press simultaneously Windows Key + R and add regedit in the dialog box ‘Run’. Right click on the window’s right pane and make a unique DWORD value titling it “BlockDomainPicturePassword“. On the DWORD value, right click and choose Modify. For the section of Value Data, have ‘0’ as default ... Read More »