How to Install the Language Pack in Windows 8

How to Install the Language Pack in Windows 8

Windows is a global brand and therefore seeks to accommodate all the major languages of the world. The language pack is provided in Windows 8 so that users who want to change the window menus into their native language can do so. However, the language pack cannot be downloaded from online servers as most people would expect but from the control panel of the operating System.

The following steps will outline how you can download the language pack and install it in Windows 8.

Step 1
Open control panel using the various available methods as described earlier. For starters you can simply go to the lower right hand corner of your start screen and right click it then open control panel or see this article Control Panel in Windows 8.

Step 2
From the control panel window, under the icon of language, Clock and region, choose ‘Add a language’ so that you open the preferences window.

Step 3
From the Add language Window, you will be able to browse and choose the language you wish to install if it is available on the list provided. Click Add button after selecting the language you want.

Step 4
The window will present you with a link to download the pack and install it. Click on it and the language pack will download and install automatically.