Integrated Workstation and Desk Anyone Would Love

Matthew Plumstead

If you are looking for an inspiration on the best desk out there, you will love the idea of an IW or Integrated Workstation due to its sense of organization, professionalism and sleek design apart from being very orderly and well thought out.

The typology of the workstation has been redefined and integrated with a daybed datum that makes sure you are able to relax and work at the same time. With the desk comes space for cell phones, laptops, tablets charging and enough to work on. Since postures are a big issue, the integrated workstation comes with a number of postures to try the entire day; a design work by Matthew Plumstead.

Matthew Plumstead 1

Matthew Plumstead 2

Matthew Plumstead 3

Matthew Plumstead 4

Matthew Plumstead 5

Via [ Yanko Design ]