Intel Plans Itanium with 3.1 billion transistors

Intel plans Itanium with 3.1 billion transistors

The International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) is traditionally devoted to presentations and lectures on the latest chip products. In February 2011, the next edition and the program shows that eight sessions related to new processors. So IBM will leave details of its 5.2 GHz Z196 processor and AMD goes deeper into its high-end Bulldozer architecture . One of Intel’s contributions, however, suggests an entirely new Itanium series.

Mentioned in a session that relates to a baked at 32 nm Itanium server processor that accommodates as many as 3.1 billion transistors, code-named Poulson. By comparison, an Intel Core i7 980X (32 nm) contains “only” 1.17 billion transistors, the Intel Xeon X7560 (45 nm) approximately double, 2.3 billion. The current Itanium, the Itanium “Tukwila” 9300 which was launched this year, is produced according to the 65 nm process. That would mean that Intel’s 45 nm full step late. The reason for this is a direct result of three years delay Tukwila rose. This was partly due to the fact that Itanium is Intel built so differently, without more (parts of) the design of its Xeon server chips over it.

With Poulson, Intel will for the first time since the introduction of the Itanium series in 2001 substantially revised the draft. The architectural improvements will enhance the high number of instructions per clock cycle can be carried even further increase, with a strong focus on parallelism. Besides the quantity of transistors through the 32 nm process can be inflated, are also expected to clock frequency and cache size increase. Poulson was in 2012 on the market to come.


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