An Office in a Big LEGO Setup

LEGO Office

It is only in our dreams that most of us wonder what it would be waking up each morning to rush to work in peace with everything being thematic LEGO in terms of touch, right from a slide to ample lighting, toys and a lot of free and creatively done games and rest areas way too unique.

This is the LEGO’s modern and unique office and the development department with gorgeous rooms for meetings, fun slides and bonsai trees connecting a number of floors. The office is located in the heart of Billund, Denmark and is the design work of Rune Fjord and Rosan Bosch.

LEGO Office 6

LEGO Office 5

LEGO Office 4

LEGO Office 3

LEGO Office 2

LEGO Office 1

LEGO Office 7

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