Liquid Flowers Photographed in High Speed By Jack Long

Looking at the flowers of Jack Long, a photographer based in Milwaukee shows colorful flower photographs that look as if they are very foreign and strange but as you gaze on them you realize they are just high speed pictures from colored watered taken in a way that impersonates the shape of pots, leaves and blooms.

The Vessels and Blooms photo series from Long is taken in an exact and perfected camera display that shows there was a lot of work put on it. The photographer creates a mixture of thickeners, pigments and dyes for each shot requirement. After blasting them via a tailored mechanism and snapping out some well timed captures, the images are created.

Via [ Colossal ]

  • Seaside Records

    Beautiful photographs of this creative medium.

  • Justin Germino

    Literally incredible images, such clarity and beauty in the photographs.  They look surreal.