The Wonder of the Locke Scissors Spiders

If you have never seen metallic spiders immune to the destruction of the elements then Christopher Locke will surprise you with his creativity. Not many harbor nice thoughts about spiders due to their poisonous nature and untamable spirit. However, with what Locke has created, even the spider phobic of us would appreciate what he has done.

Christopher Locke makes some original and ingenious sculptures with the use of scissors which he gets from confiscations in security checkpoints at the airport. The talented artist works by disassembling the scissors, bending and firming them together by welding into a cool and unique metal sculptor that resembles a real spider.

  • Steve

    What is this? Some kind of art?

  • Quantumphysica

    This is awesome. And disturbing. Disturbingly awesome.
    I can say I truly dislike spiders, but these are pretty…