Mobile Apps For Remote Tracking Of Your Kids

The emerging threats for kids, both in the society as well as the cyber world makes it prudent on the part of the parents to protect their kids by some kind of monitoring. The mobile monitoring apps come as a blessing. By installing such apps on your kids mobile, you can spy on their activities and protect them if they are encountered with any danger.

Installation of Mobile Monitoring App

The installation of the monitoring apps converts your regular mobile phone into a spymobile to closely monitor the phone activities of your kids. The installation takes just a matter of minutes. You will have to download from the website of the chosen monitoring app. Install it by gaining physical access of the suspicious mobile. Restart the mobile phone to complete the process and you will see the app commences functioning. The mobile app is all set to track your kids.

Popular Remote Tracking Mobile Apps

There are many popular mobile monitoring apps which have parental control software and help you with remote tracking. They include Mobistealth, Mobile Spy, PhoneSheriff, Mobshield, Spybubble, and FlexiSpy being a few popular ones. In fact, Mobile Spy’s technical upgrades have made it a hot favorite with parents who desire to track their ward’s mobile activities.

The features of the mobile apps are designed such that you can spy on your kids even by being away from them. That is you can track them remotely through an online user account that will be provided to you, along with a password, when you purchase a mobile app.

Know your kid’s geographical location.

No more can your kid cheat you saying that he is out at a next door friend’s place for the night, while he is actually speeding away on a highway with his friends in your brand new car. The GPS tracking device transmits the location of the phone to the user account which can be accessed from anywhere, allowing you to know exactly where your kid is at the moment.

Gain insight of your kid’s internet activities

Anytime you ask your kid what he is scouring over the internet for long hours, he would promptly answer that he does it for his studies. You can ascertain if your kid is really into study related browsing by scrutinizing the mobile app tracking details with respect to the websites he had visited. Thus you can know if your kid has been visiting prohibited sites or downloading pirated game software. This knowledge of the kid’s browsing history will enable you to block or restrict access to select applications or websites.

Review the text details

SMS has emerged as the preferred and convenient form of communication amongst kids. Apart from divulging the entire text details, the mobile apps also alerts if your kid has keyed in specific words or has indulged in sexting. The alerts are issued by the mobile apps in the form of SMSs or emails through preprogrammed instructions.

Track details of all calls

Most of the times kids are glued to their mobile handsets irrespective of them driving or being in the class. By installing mobile apps, you can get the details of the specific times your kids have been engaged in phone calls. Some mobile apps have the call recording feature that will also enable you to listen in to the conversations. If you find that your kid is blowing way too much of money on phone calls, you can even lock the mobile from any remote location

There are many such advantageous features available in the mobile apps that help you to keep track of your kid’s activities remotely. These apps, by functioning in a secret manner will not allow the kids to know that they are being monitored, while affording peace of mind to the parents.