Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Free Download

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Free Download

Firefox includes an updated interface for all platforms that’s sleeker and easier to use. Now all your menu item are in a single button for easy access and reduced clutter: this is firefox button on the top left of the application. Tabs have been also improved given top visual priority for more efficient and intuitive browsing. There are even App Tabs to Take sites you always keep open—like Web mail—off your tab bar and give them a permanent home in your browser.

With Firefox Organize Your Tabs and reclaim your browser from tab clutter! Drag and drop your tabs into manageable groups that you can organize, name and arrange in a fun and visual way. Stay in Sync and synchronize your settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, open tabs and other customizations across multiple devices so you can take Firefox with you wherever you go.

Fasten your Seatbelts – Firefox contains huge performance enhancements, including our brand new JägerMonkey JavaScript engine. From faster start up times and graphics rendering to improved page load speed, you’ll notice the difference instantly.

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  • Mustafa Rohiem

    good mozilla firefox thankes

  • Sania Rose

    thanks I hope it works
    better that the last version