Music Maven in the Android Haven

Music Maven in the Android Haven

In Washington, D.C., there is a museum wholly dedicated to the history of espionage. Each room is filled with tales of spies, secret missions, and the James Bond-esque devices. One can walk through this gallery of gadgets, totally confident that the Android in their pocket can do more than every spy tool in the entire building.

Androids do everything. They can vocally connect people across the world. They can transmit written messages, take photographs, record voices and video. However, unlike all those spy gadgets, Androids can do one greater thing: introduce you to really, really great music.

The Android Market is overflowing with great apps geared towards music so much that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to dive in and start looking. Android Authority is a great help as it serves as your navigator in the sea of diverse apps. It takes all of the raw data available from the market and presents it to you in a friendly, digestible way. Android Authority can tell you which apps offer the best routes to new music.

The app storm has proven to be a huge boon for the music world. Now, small-time artists and “undiscovered” music has an easier time getting to the consumer by way of apps like Hitlantis, which lets users search for music by overlapping genres; or Shazam, which is built to help you identify music you like but don’t know how. Apps exist to promote all sorts of music, like the indie flagship app Daytrotter, which streams live sessions from big indie names.

The world’s collective music landscape is now integrating with the smartphone music scene. 10 years ago, a reggae band in Barcelona had precious little hope of ever building a fan base in Portland, OR, or Montreal, Quebec. Now, music lovers in both areas (and thousands of others) can suddenly find themselves listening to that particular band.

Music apps very often keep track of what you’re listening to, and recommend similar bands based on your preferences and those of others with similar tastes. This is the same way that Pandora Radio or Amazon works, and it makes exciting discoveries of music that you wouldn’t have been introduced to otherwise.

Android Authority is just that: having an authority on Androids. When you’re ready to start finding doorways to the new world of music, visit the Authority and start exploring the wonderful apps of Android.