How to Do an Optimization of Windows 8 Performance by Tuning Visual Effects ?

Microsoft still claims that Windows 8 is arguably its most optimized operating system and the fastest. Alteration and power enthusiasts will always be there and would definitely want to tweak some features to make the Windows work even faster. There are some features and visual effects you could disable to have the performance improved.

To disable Windows 8 visual effects:

Step 1
Do a combination press of Key + X and select System from the menu that comes up in the corner towards your left.

Step 2
On the left pane of System window, choose the system settings as Advanced.

Step 3
Go to Stem Properties and choose “Settings for Performance”.

Step 4
Looking at the window of Performance Options three options are found, where you are asked to let windows pick the best for the computer, adjust towards getting best appearance and adjust for the best in performance.

If you Adjust for the best in performance means making windows to perform a little better although you will affect the visual effect, something you surely do not want.

After this, press Apply followed by Ok. You can access Desktop if you prefer the combination of Windows +D keys.
The Windows 8 performance would have been increased in a way.