A Century Old Perfect Imitator of Bird Sound

120-Year-Old Mechanical Device

If you heard the bird sound with your eyes closed, you will identify the bird in case ornithology is your mainstay. However, the make of the sound is a piece of archaic engineering that was made in the 19th century and perfectly imitates the random sound or song or chatter of a bird. The mechanism gives sound in a rather ... Read More »

A Books Waterfall Creates Hollow Tube Suspended in Time

Paper Biennial Book Sculpture

If you thought books were only good to read and a sleeping pill, then you will find the waterfall created from a massive number of books a wonderful piece of work. It is the work of Alicia Martin, an artist from the heart of Spain who has come up with an amazing and unique sculpture whose main material is recycled ... Read More »

Managing Diabetes Easily Through the Use of a Smartphone

Diabetes Management System

If you have diabetes and you own a Smartphone, you could be in a better shape to manage it through a device known as Gluco. The Diabetes management tool makes the most of a very simple and easy functionality and connectivity of a Smartphone. Also, the modern design of the management device is very discrete, portable and minute. It can ... Read More »

Innovative Music Enjoyment through Speakers in Sneakers

Sneaker Speaker

Those who grew up a decade or two ago understand the idea of a blasting stereo on the street spitting the best rhymes carried on a shoulder. The same idea has been brought into a new technology that redefines music sharing and makes it even easier. Sneakers now hold speaker sets in a stylish and trendy urban wear as designed ... Read More »

A Stone House in the Shape of the Torus

Stone House

The stone house shaped in the form of the torus is the work of architects known as Vo Trong Nghia, located in the Vietnamese province of Qang Ninh in Dong Trieu on a tranquil residential quarter. The roof is rising and green with walls made of hues subdued while the dark blue colored stones come up with landscapes that stand ... Read More »

A Sleek and Awesome Norwegian Library for Modern Reading

Vennesla Library & Cultural Center

If you have been to a modern library, probably you thought you were in the coolest of them and a comfortable place to enter the written writ dimension. However, there is a modern Norwegian library that has been made in one of the most awesome and sleekest of designs and furnishings and makes anyone want to be in it. The ... Read More »

Amusing Photomanipulations Worth a Laugh


If you thought you have seen manipulation of photos worth a laugh or two, you will surely enjoy the work of Martin De Pasquale. De Pasquale is a student in graphic design and based in the heart of Argentina’s Buenos Aires. He makes your boyhood dreams come alive, such as riding a giant canine with ease. They might be a ... Read More »

Amazing Paradise – Infrared Photo Magic

Infrared Photography

Looking at the work of David Keochkerian, it is easy not to see the reversed seasons and simply be engulfed and taken aback by the breathtaking scenery and photo work by the French photographer. They are infrared photographs with a bizarre quality and twist showing saturated landscapes with some sinister uniqueness of a moody paradise. There are white trees in ... Read More »

Google Select Android Versions By Alphabetical order

Google Android Evolution

After Manu Cornet, a Google employee announced the next name for Android will be Key Lime Pie at his Google+ account last week . We Ensured that all names are selected by Alphabetical order . Cupcake , Donut , Eclair , Froyo , Gingerbread , Honeycomb , Ice Cream Sandwich , Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie . C D ... Read More »