DROP Suite- Unique Choice of a Vacation Where You Want

Drop Eco-Hotel by IN-TENTA

Rather than be dictated where to take your family, sweetheart or yourself for a vacation by hotels and specific destination planners, you can decide today where you want to go. This is something that, DROP, newest trend in the micoarchitecture and a mobile suite gives you. It can be placed wherever a person wants as far as the location permits. ... Read More »

Adrenaline Charging Taxi to the Future

DeLorean Taxi

If you have never seen the future of the Taxi in the present world, you had better look at one reminding people of a time machine and a fast cruise through time. The taxi is very eye catching and adrenaline-charging piece of machine that seems like it can give you a ride into the future including other distinct destinations. The ... Read More »

Real Photos of an Upside Experience makes Amazing Portraits

Upside Experience

Looking at the photos a feeling of a world in upside down or a very sick person hits you hard. The upside experience is also quite interesting, taking you right from the toilet, desert, the house, the sea, gravel right to a hog field with the magic being that nothing is Photoshopped but self portraits of the artist, Caulton Morris, ... Read More »

Stuttgart University New Bionic Pavilion for Research

ICD ITKE Research Pavilion

Around 2011 in the warmer months of summer, the computational design institute together with ITKE (Institute Building Structures and Structural Design) including university of Stuttgart student came up with a unique bionic and temporal research pavilion. The model was wooden made and intersects both research and teaching. In the project, architectural transfer is explored in terms of biological tenets of ... Read More »

Blender Shaped in Raw Diamond Form

Cullinan Diamond Blender

Obviously, we all know the lady’s best friend and most expensive jewelry is anything that is diamond or made from it. To appeal to this unique side of feminine humans, a blender known as the Cullinan Diamond stands way too clear from any kind of negative criticism from those who know their diamonds. The consistency and vorticity was improved by ... Read More »

Top Indications that your website need a good designer

Web redesign

Web redesign is a big thing at the moment. Thanks to the multiplicity of devices on which people view websites, a lot of old code or simply old ways of building sites have become redundant. Web designer jobs proliferate as people in need of a reboot come to the pros looking for help. Here are the top signs that your ... Read More »

Shots of an 88 Year Old Parade from the Air

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Navid Baraty is a photographer based in the heart of Brooklyn and has shot NYC from above before, mostly intersections. However, last Thursday Baraty shot something totally different from taxi cabs zooming across by photographing a memorable view from the air of an iconic parade that has taken place for 88 years. The parade is known as Macys Thanksgiving Parade ... Read More »

Creative Ways of Turning Violence into a Paragon of Peace

Armed Notebook Revolver

The shady nunchucks, the famous revolver and the place of a grenade in modern times have been instruments of mayhem, destruction and lucid violence. It is impossible to fathom such instruments of urban mayhem as vehicles of peace. Designer Yiweishen believes they can and in a manner that is synonymous to sword being inferior to the pen, he came up ... Read More »

Sandcastles in Showcased Geometry from Clavin Seibert

Geometric Sandcastles

There might be so many beaches today and revelers who love being in the sand, basking in the coastal sun and spending minutes of their vacation enjoying the sea scenery and engaging in sand games. However, there are different people who are always looking for better ways of expressing their art, even if it includes use of sand. Calvin Seibert ... Read More »