Top Plugins Will Improve Your WordPress Seo & Rank

Wordpress Seo

Here is A list for WordPress Seo Plugins That Will Increase Your websites Ranking . 1- WordPress SEO by Yoast Widely regarded as the SEO plugin for WordPress. It has an extensive feature set and rave reviews. Give it a whirl, there are alternatives though. Includes XML sitemap features. Download 2- SEO Ultimate Another extensive feature set – this one ... Read More »

Papers Sculptures into Amazing 3D Origami

3D Origami by Jun Mitani

Looking at the awesome 3D Paper Sculptures you get the idea you are staring at creativity at work. They are not only sleek, innovative, amazing and definitely something to own but also the beauty of paper sculptures from the hand of a talented artist from Japan, Jun Mitani. It is the kind you would love to get down and come ... Read More »

Transforming a Loft with Divine Uniqueness

God Loftstory

Leijh Kappelhoff Seckel van den Dobbelsteen architecten architects who are located in the area of Veldhoven, The Netherlands, have transformed into a unique loft former Haarlo Dutch Reformed Evangelism Building that goes back to 1928. The transformation began from the façade, clock bell tower iconic location, volume, well constructed roof, arch windows, stained glass and old panel doors. The entire ... Read More »

Bicycle Security through Channeled Green Lantern

Light-lock by Hsu Wei-Che

The Bluetooth technology is brought into life with a bike lock of its own uniqueness. The lock is specifically made for those parking for a short time where the lock attaches itself to bike spokes in case you are heading into a supermarket, convenience store or any other short trip you might be engaged. It notifies one of movement through ... Read More »

A Bridge Made of Balloons

Balloon Bridge

Some architectural forms made by men are mostly created to fill a specific a gap in our daily lives but in this case this might not be so. The unique bridge is the design work of Olivier Grossetete, a French artist who has created a bridge made of three balloons filled with helium. The Bridge has been given the title ... Read More »

Blended Time on Citroen

DS Watch by Nicolas Diacre

The trend follows the success of timepieces inspired by automotives where the DS type of watch has adopted the contemporary design language that define the hatchback concept accented with luxury, of Citroen, the DS N9. You will discover the remarkable attention given to every detail with the watch having features of a dramatic silhouette similar to the forward-pointing, elegant double ... Read More »

Eye-catching and Creative Fruit Packaging for Kids

Fruit Figures

Looking at the eye-catching and creative packaging of fruits you cannot help thinking about devouring at least one, if not all. The Fruit Figures is a unique packaging that seeks to encourage kids to consume healthy food items. It is a very clever packaging done by the hands of Scholz and Friends, commissioned by an organic supermarket chain in German ... Read More »

The Pedestrian Bridge by the HHD FUN Architects

Pedestrian Bridge

The HHD_FUN Architects are credited with coming up with the Pedestrian Bridge in the heart of Rizhao, China, southern area of the Shanhaitian beach park around 2 kilometers in length. It has a main feature notably the half century black pine forest and the design was challenged to bring the construction into a level where it would have minimum effect ... Read More »