A Sled that Performs Exceptionally Well

Stealth-X Carbon Fiber Snow Sled

Winter has already made its entry and people who are already fed up with the sun are ready to play in and with snow. While there are many ways of making the most of the snow for fun, those who will lay their hands on the Stealth-X, an exceptionally awesome snow sled will definitely have more fun. 4DESIGN for Snolosleds ... Read More »

The Fellowship of Light and Fog in Forests by Strempel

Light and Fog by Boguslaw Strempel

There is a poetic touch to the photographs that bring into mind the fellowship of fog and light, a blend leaving the mouth open and a touchy feeling of gladness down the gut. Gut feelings aside, the way light and fog comes into play in the forest has given a memorable piece of work one can look at and enjoy. ... Read More »

Startling Photorealistic Drawing by DiegoKoi

Pencil Drawing by Diego Koi

Looking at the complete image you will be tempted to have Photoshop in your mind until you have observed the artistic work in progress. It is the kind of artistic drawings that always astonishes art lovers as much as it is awe-inspiring. The photorealistic drawing gives one the impression of patience and a hand that can astound with masterpieces. The ... Read More »

Five Crows on a Weird Tree in Cool 75,000 Crayons

Crazy Cool Tree

Herb Williams is a crayon artist grand master and has a knack of displaying some awesome and novel installations of new sculpture. The “Call of the Wild” is the newest exhibition from Herb and as it opens in Nashville, Tennessee; it is easy to come across the 75,000 or so crayon sculpture that is also made up of five crows ... Read More »

Clip Mouse You Need Not Carry Around

Clip Mouse by Frank Guo

Tablets might be the way forward for many people but a huge chunk of the population is highly relying on laptops for the sake of displays and meeting presentations. Frank Guo is a designer who has tried to muse at the idea of making the most of a laptop mouse that might be really cumbersome. Towards giving a solution, Guo ... Read More »

Sleek and Cool Arac ZXS Bike Ride

Arac ZXS Motorcycle

Most people rarely give a second look to most super sports but looking at the bike you would be insane not to afford another look. The Arac ZXS is full of style that gives the impression of an aggressive stance and robust body. The c-twin monster is a real street fighter as much as it might be hard to indicate ... Read More »

Lustrous New Sports Tokyo Stadium by Zaha Hadid

New Sports Stadium in Tokyo

The contract Zaha Hadid, a United Kingdom design house, came up with won them a contract to build one of the most ambitious sports stadiums in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Looking at their final design it is very easy to agree with the awarders, as the brightly white open outline with smooth lines harnessed by a modern style depict. ... Read More »

Instant Picture Stickers by New Digital Camera by Polaroid

Polarois New Digital Camera

Polaroid has released the latest and newest digital camera, a compact and small camera known as Polaroid Z2300 taking 10-megapixel kind of images while giving instant prints after just a simple button touch. The camera lets one to view the photos prior to printing them, something that is very important towards saving paper. The small digital and compact camera has ... Read More »

Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum

The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum is the architectural work of Zaha Hadid Architects and its location is on Michigan State University northern edge on the East Lansing in the United States. It has been influenced by a number of movement sets of paths traversing and bordering the site. The energy and liveliness of life of the northern side ... Read More »

Photo Booth that Prints in 3D

3D Printing Photo Booth

If you have never seen prints in 3D then this is an awesome chance to see innovation at work. The creative and aptly innovative booth is able to print 3D miniature figurines as compared to typical photos and just about to be let loose in the heart of Tokyo, Japan for business. All the customers are expected to stand solidly ... Read More »