How to Restitute the Menu Options of Graphical Boot in Windows 8 ?

After installing Windows 8 in a dual kind of boot with Windows 7 but you find the menu for graphical boot is missing, there are steps you can follow to reinstate it.

Step 1

Create a recovery drive for Windows 8 first. After recovering the drive do a PC restart while opening the BIOS setting to make sure the PC supports a USB boot.

Step 2

Boot the system into Windows 7 and press Windows plus R for Run dialog. Type msconfig followed by Enter to have the System Configuration opened.

 Step 3

Do switch to the Boot tab and choose Windows 7 and select the setting as default.

Step 4

Connect the former Windows 8 created recovery drive followed by a PC restart. Do the needed changes within BIOS for USB booting to start.

Step 5

Choose keyboard layout and choose Troubleshoot and choose Advance options. Click the Command Prompt finally to have it opened.

Step 6

Within the Command Prompt, write rebuildbcd/bootrec and tap Enter. Wait for a while and type ‘All’ followed by Enter after seeing a query to add installation for boot list.

Close the opened Command Prompt and tap the option for turning off the PC.

 Step 7

The recovery drive for Windows 8 can be removed as you turn the PC on and do a Windows 7 boot. Open Run dialog and write msconfig followed by Enter.

Step 8

Finally change into Boot tab and choose the entry for Windows 8 and set as default. Tap Apply and restart PC and the Windows 8 menu option for graphical boot will be visible.