How to Restore Using Redo Backup and Recovery ?

Probably you had read a review of how Redo Backup & Recovery tool works,  software available for free allowing one to come up with partitions for image backup without Windows booting. Apart from its core features, the tool also comes with repair, deletion and creation partitions.

If you are a user who is not able to follow the simple guide to backing up data without Windows booting through the use of the DVD for installation, make use of the software-Redo Backup & Recovery-once your Windows has failed to initiate a boot and you have decided to come up with a full image backup prior to Windows reinstallation.

To restore backup, there is a way you can use the Redo Backup Recovery tool by following the simplest of processes:

Step 1

Boot the PC using the CD or DVD for Redo Backup & Recovery and choose ‘Start Redo Backup’ followed by selection of Restore as seen on the screen that welcomes you.

Step 2

Find the location of the source drive the image backup is in and click Next as you browse right to the backup file of the image. Choose the drive destination you are looking forward to restoring or overwriting and click Next. To confirm the message to initiate the restoration of the image, simply click Yes. That is all!

Download Redo Backup and Recovery

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