Robot by European Scientists Able to Come Up with Unique Tools

ETH Zurich Bio Robotics had scientists engineering a robot able to come up with unique tools towards the completion of a certain chore. The achievement by European scientists is rather staggering since across this planet some creatures such as man and chimps are able to use tools. The ETH Zurich European team decided not to fashion the robot with toolkits it can use but just one tool to help in coming up with other tools.

The single tool was hot-glue gun and the robot was ordered to complete a simple chore of moving water. The robot used Hot Melt Adhesives to come up with a tiny cup and attached it to its body towards scooping the water for transport.

Via [ inhabitat ]

  • BlogLady

    Interesting. I’ll be extremely happy when I can have one that chops my veggies and peels and cores my apples. Wait, why stop there? I want one that cooks!