How to Set Bing Wallpaper Homepage as the Background of Google Homepage ?

Most people know Bing for wonderful wallpapers for its homepage more than a search engine. Everyday, Bing has been showcasing colorful wallpaper since its inception in 2009. With Google’s tweaking of the homepage, it means adding a background image is very easy.

Those who love Google Search rather than Bing but like the homepage wallpapers Bing has can with ease set Bing wallpapers as the homepage background for Google search. This is how to do it:

1. Make sure the browser you are using is Google Chrome.

2. Chrome extension allows for automatic setting of the wallpaper homepage from Bing as the homepage background for Google search. You must have Google homepage for Bing wallpaper extension, the only requirement.

3. Go to the extension homepage for Bing Wallpaper for Google and have it added to Chrome. That is all.

Any time the homepage for Google search is opened the Google background will have a Bing wallpaper. However, remember the entire screen will be occupied by the wallpaper where the Google page is in most cases, something a little different than on Bing’s homepage.
You will find so many themes to download for a Windows 8 or 7 desktop.