How to Share Photos Free with a Software Ideal for Windows ?

If have always wanted to share photos with friends and family members, you can use the familiar platform which is a tool ideal for sharing images with Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows as well. Familiar helps one to sync the photos with just anyone.

The only thing you need is Windows Client that can be downloaded fast and to select the individuals you would want to share the photos with after adding photos. Familiar functions in a way that makes photo sharing process secure, easy and cool.

To start using Familiar:

1. Create an account with Familiar or use your Facebook account to connect.

2. Download PC client.

3. After client download, the photos can be added.

4. Add photos by clicking on the button “Add Photo” or simply have the images sent via mail to pics(at)

5. After adding the photos, share them with family and friends as you want.

Some of the interesting and cool features of Familiar include slide show on automatic remote where those you share the photos with can view the side-show of the photos shared.

Familiar can be synced with Facebook while the same photos uploaded can also be uploaded to your Facebook account easily.

Familiar can also be viewed as a screensaver.