Skin Care Tips For Different Skin Types

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Before you begin with any skin care regimen, the basic thing that you need to follow is to learn about the type of skin that you possess. The different skin types are classified according to the amount of natural oil that your skin produce and it includes oily, sensitive, dry, normal or sun-damaged. The production of skin oil is directly related to several factors that can affect it like genetic makeup, stress, diet and liquid consumption. The dry type of skin is usually the skin that tends to feel tighter and will develop wrinkles as well as patches. The sebum or oil in the skin is in reduced level that the skin will tend to be sensitive. You can see signs of chapping as well as cracking of the skin and this means that your skin is already very dry and extremely dehydrated. Your best option during this situation is to counteract the effects of dehydration to your skin and this is to increase your fluid consumption. In addition to this, you also need to apply moisturizer on your skin to moisten it up. You need to avoid washing your skin with plain soap and tap water because this will further make your skin dry. On the other hand, if your skin has large pores and very oily, it is expected that your skin will be consistently shiny. You will usually face the problem of acne, blackheads and blemishes, which is really the result of oil overproduction. Lukewarm water and plain soap can be used to wash your skin twice a day. You also need to pay attention to your diet because some foods will stimulate sebum production. In major San Jose skin care centers, they highly recommend that you know what type of skin that you have before you start with any regimen and all of them will provide it during consultation. The importance of knowing your skin type is for you to know what treatment you will undergo. When you have sensitive and sun-damaged skin, you will most likely have broken capillaries and obvious thin skin. Bay area skin care centers can take care of this problem for you by starting you on water-based moisturizer application to keep your skin moist and supple. It is also important that you use sun block and avoid skin exfoliation. Most San Jose skin care center can help you rejuvenate your skin to give you the younger and more beautiful look. Therefore, you need to be caring about your skin.

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