How to Skip the Start Screen in Windows 8

How to Skip the Start Screen in Windows 8

In windows 8, there is no more start menu or the conventional desktop immediately after start up. Windows 8 come loaded with the metro start Screen that gives you the opportunity to access several features of the operating system by just a single click from the start Screen. Therefore the steps below will help you get back your classic start up.

Step 1
You have to download the Classic Starter from Here. This will give you the files to install inform of RAR. The files you download are safe and free of any malware. They will be compatible with all the versions of Windows 8.

Step 2
When you have the file on your desktop, make sure you create a restore point just in case the two files from RAR fails to install properly.

Step 3
Install the file named ClassicStart.exe. Make sure you have installed it as an administrator so that you have the rights to change it or uninstall it later.

Step 4
Launch the Classic Starter by clicking on the button on the desktop. Make sure you click Logon to classic desktop to make sure it is activated so that the next time you start your device it will automatically go to the good old start up menu that you are used to.