Why are Smartphones Useful? Let Us Count the Apps

Why are Smartphones Useful? Let Us Count the Apps


The song that’s on the tip of your tongue; the viral video your friend hasn’t seen yet; the must-have item on your holiday shopping list—a smartphone can help you find them all in moments. There are lots of reasons why smartphones are useful, from answering everyday trivia questions to keeping you out of messy traffic entanglements.

Instant Knowledge

Smart parenting is at the top of the list for why smartphones are useful. You can answer the two-year-old who won’t stop asking questions and the fifth-grader who has managed to completely baffle you with New Math. A smartphone gives you touch-button access to the Internet and the vast knowledge stored within, so you can help kids with their homework or find an easy home remedy for all their various ailments.


Smartphones also allow you to get updates on knowledge that’s more appealing to adults: news. You never have to wait for a newscast when you set up news alerts, which send you stories from your favorite websites. Set feeds to get recent headlines from your chosen news sites, or use alerts to read all the stories that contain specific keywords.


Smartphone apps offer endless entertainment opportunities. Smartphone games can fill the time while you’re standing in line or sitting in the doctor’s office. When you keep your smartphone handy, you’ll keep yourself entertained anywhere with Wi-Fi access. Apps will allow you to watch popular movies and TV shows while you’re stuck in traffic or sitting at the beach.


Speaking of traffic, you shouldn’t be stuck in it at all—here’s yet another reason to prove that smartphones are useful. Traffic updates can be sent directly to your phone so you know exactly what to expect during your morning commute. Map apps allow you to check your daily route street-by-street so you know how to avoid all the detours and traffic problems.

Weather updates help you avoid a different set of glitches. High winds, severe rain, lightning storms, tornadoes—there are about a dozen different weather conditions you should never drive in. Your smartphone will let you know when you need to take cover and get off the road, keeping you safe from any calamities. Even if you’re already secure and snug inside your home, it’s helpful to know when damaging hail or rain is forthcoming. Leaving your windows down once, or forgetting to put your car in the garage, could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on your mobile to know why smartphones are useful, but it helps. Instant banking information, online shopping, weather forecasts, breaking news, and Internet access—smartphones can put the entire world at your fingertips.