Five Star Resort inconceivably Submerged Underground

A five star resort is already under construction in a place that used to be a rock quarry, a big difference from what’s already known about such luxurious and fancy resorts; all the floors will be below the ground level. The development is located in China’s district of Songjiang, close to Shanghai and will be 19-stories high, 16 of the 19 being underground. The resort is entitled “InterContinental Shimao Wonderland” with 380 rooms, plus some unique conference facilities hosting 1,000 people.

The designers of the concept, Atkins Designers, got the inspiration from the natural landscape features that the quarry and water brought out. Resort will be opening its doors either by late 2014 or the early months of 2015. You will need $320 to rent a normal suite in InterContinental Shimao Wonderland.

Via [ cnngo ]