7 Strange & Unusual Rings

Ring is a decorative ornament worn on fingers, toes, or around the arm or neck, and Here are Some Strange Rings

It’s similar to the jewelry Christina Aguilera wears on the cover of her new album. Annika reported that it’s called a “petting ring”.Via thefrisky

a huge, diamond- and sapphire-encrusted bauble designed to look like a high-end, thoroughly inedible version of the classic children’s “ring pop” candy.Via afrowall

This is the creative work of H.Stern, a Brazilian jewelry brand, in partnership with Disney. The ring is part of a collection of jewelry inspired by Tim Burton’s movie “Alice in Wonderland”. Via theresidentarchitect

Very unique beetle ring. The solid brass ring band is adjustable. $45 at The Steampunk Trunk. Via rarebirdfinds

Greenhouse ring with live plant. Via popgloss

this ring can project the embedded image onto a wall when a light source is applied.Via technabob

The impressive dimension of this lavish jewel talks of fairy tales with castles, kings and queens. Its huge topaz brings to mind remote and sacred places of the earth, with savage, luxuriant landscapes, and clear, blue lagoons.Via thejewelryquote