Top Three Free VPN Services

Top 3 Free VPN Services

Sometime in School, Library and University You Need to Access Some Blocked Websites and when we Using Free Proxy Softwares we Will Meet Some Problems but here is a solution by using Free VPN Services:

1- proXPN

proXPN is a free, cross-platform VPN service that focuses on securing the communication and preventing ISP logging system and other external sources from checking the websites you visit. It provides strong encryption to secure the data transmission, and has the ability to protect almost all types of connections including DSL, 3G and cable internet. proXPN also works on smart phones that support PPTP VPN service including iPhone, iPod and Windows Phone.

proXPN VPN client is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. It requires you to sign up the service to download and install the client. Once done, enter username and password, choose the VPN server location, and click Connect to establish connection with proXPN VPN service.


2- Proxpn

Proxpn Will upgrades your internet connection with VPN encryption, secures all types of connections from DSL and cable to 3G, gives you 100% private access to the internet and get an IP address in the USA, UK, or NL


3- Freeopenvpn

It’s easy to use OpenVPN based free VPN connection in Computers, DD-WRT firmware Wireless routers, Jailbreaked iPhone/iPad or Android devices, download free OpenVPN clients in this site for most OS, or use built-in OPENVPN client inside DD-WRT routers or in Android smart phones!

  • Don B

    Free VPN services have not worked so well for me, they`re pretty slow
    and full of adware.. Right now I`m using this VPN service, it`s pretty fast
    and user friendly. It`s not free, but if you`re a frequent user it`s
    well worth the money…