How to Use TTC/LE Windows Command Prompt Free Replacement ?

TCC/LE is generally well designed, free and very powerful software that completely replaces the Windows Command Prompt utility. The software is generally a Command prompt although it has some additional features and utilities a person would seek in other conventional Command Prompts.

The tool is simple and easy to use for just anyone. You only need to type a command followed by Enter. A lot of the CMD commands are supported including a number of external commands as well.

Features and Usage

  • It has some features such as Cut, Del, Copy including a support of advanced features such as file completion and history.
  • In case one is browsing a specific folder using TCC/LE, a tap on TAB key brings all files available within a folder.
  • The software also helps one to access a number of commands previously entered.
  • It is also easy to specify a number of multiple filenames when it comes to commands of TCC/LE files such as MOVE, DIR, DEL, COPY and much more.
  • One can exclude or choose files through extended wildcards, size, time, regular expressions and even date.
  • This allows superb flexibility in management of files in navigating and finding within any system directory by adding some part of the name as well as searches that are quite extended.

Download TTC/LE