How to Understand the Stand on DVD Playback and Media Center Support for Windows 8

Windows 8 has blogged on its Windows Media Center where a lot of users have been asking about support on DVD playback, Media Center and media Player in Windows 8. The question many people were asking was why DVD Playback Support for DVDs lacks in Media Player in Windows 8.

The team dealing with developer experience responded to this query by asserting that they are making Windows Media Center accessed by customers using Windows 8 through what was previous identified as the Windows Anytime Upgrade, now Windows 8 Add Features-control panel.

Customers interested in what the Media Center offers will then have a very convenient way of getting it. The team also stated that Media Player for Windows will always be availed in all the different editions without the playback DVD support.

It also said that playbacks for optical discs on Windows 8 new devices would be relying on the huge numbers of quality solutions already found in the market that provides wonderful experiences for Blu-ray and DVD.

From the developer experience team’s feedback, it means the Windows Media Center will come in the form of:

– Media Center Pack

– The Windows 8 Pro Pack

The two forms will provide a user with Media Center and support for:

1. DVDs playback, not in any Media Player but Media Center.

2. Playback of Broadcast TV and recording- ATSC, DMBH, ISDB-S/T and DBV-T/S.

3. Playback of OB files.