What is the difference between Virus, Trojan, Worm, Spywares, Adwares and Malwares ?

What is the difference between Virus, Trojan, Worm, Spywares, Adwares and Malwares ?

Here Is the Summary Of the Differences:

*Virus is a program to cause damage to computer.

*Trojan is a program which is used to gain access to a computer by installing a program on infected PC to open some backdoor. [Trojans are also known as Backdoors].

*Worm is a program which infects the computers which are connected by some network. Worms slow down the network.

* Spywares are the program which are used to monitor/Log the activity performed on a computer. These are used to spy on some one either for legal or illegal perpose. Example: Keylogger applications.

* Adwares are the programs which delivers ads to your computer (generally in POP-UP’s form). They consume your network.

*Malwares are the program with malicious intention. It can be damaging your computer, spying on you or any other malicious task.

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    Actually, Vesselin Bontchev, research associate from Virus Test Center, University of Hamburg, wrote a paper about self-replicating programs (that's virus) that are beneficial and non-malicious, although most people probably would not consider them to be viruses.

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    Viruses are replicating programs that infect computers usually through file transfers, file sharing, emails or even through the use of the humble USB Flash Drive. The main goal of viruses is to cause disruption to the use of your computer by displaying cryptic messages on your screen, corrupting other programs and in some cases deletion of your valuable data. But the spywares are the programs designed to steal information from you such as your personal details and in some cases credit card and important password details. Worms are just like viruses in the regard of being computer software programmed by another human, designed to infect a computer and do undesirable actions to that infected machine. A Trojan horse is a non-self-replicating program, it deceives the user by pretending to do a desirable action for that user, but instead it opens backdoors facilitating unauthorized access to the infected computer. Thanks.